Our knowledgeable staff purchases, processes, and ships a vast array of scrap metal and iron daily. We also take exotic alloys containing nickel, cobalt, molybendium, titanium, and other elements.

Integrity is important! With RIMCO you will have peace of mind that you’ll receive up-to-date market pricing for ALL your materials.

Ferrous Materials

Auto Bodies
Automotive Cast
Breakable Cast
Bundles (all grades)
Carbide & Tool Steels
Cast Iron Boring
Household Appliances
Machinery Cast

Mixed clips
New Cast
Plate Steel
Railroad Scrap
(^limited to contractors)
Sheet Iron/ Tin
Steel Turnings
Structural Steel
Torch Iron
#2 Steel

Non-Ferrous Materials

Aluminum (all grades)
Brasses (all grades)
Cobalt alloys
Coppers (all grades)
Drosses and Skimmings

Insulated Wires
Nickel alloys
Stainless Steel (all grades)
Titanium (all grades)